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  1. Monthly Newsletter : March 2019

    March 22, 2019 Newsletter

    In This Issue:

    Prayer Concerns & Celebrations, Preaching Schedule, Ekklesia, Music News, Lenten & Holy Week Happenings & Services, 2019 CROP Walk, Families Moving Forward in April, Community Opportunities, Haiti Education Mission Team, March 31 is Undy Sunday, Suitcases Needed, Sojourners Begin New Study, Youth Group News, Westminster School for Young Children, In the Library, Elder & Deacon Nominations, Search Committees, Easter Lily Orders, Worship Volunteers’ Schedule

  2. Sermons : March 17, 2019: The Confession of Belhar, Part II

    Sermon by Alex Stayer-Brewington, Interim Associate Pastor of Youth & Their Families

    Psalm 27 | Luke 13:31-35

  3. Sermons : March 10, 2019: “We Believe and We Confess”

    Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16 | Luke 4:16-21

  4. Articles : Soccer Family Fun Day, March 16 at Forest Hills Park

    Meet us at Forest Hills Park on Saturday, March 16, 3:00-5:00pm, for some pick-up soccer fun! We’ll meet at the clubhouse near the playground. Wear athletic attire and bring soccer gear. Our first-ever Soccer Family Fun Day is sponsored by the CYCE Committee and is a terrific great way to get to know folks a little better, get some great exercise, and have fun. Bring your friends!

    Sign up today:

    Contact: Kristina Gilbert (


  5. Sermons : March 3, 2019: “Transfiguration”

    Guest Preacher:  The Rev. Paul Ransford, WPC’s Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry, 1997-2007

    Luke 9:28-43