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  1. Online Worship Services : Out of Rhythm

    Psalm 121
    Mark 2:18-22

    The psalmist cries, “From where will my help come?” and responds with faith to her own lament: “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth…The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.” My help comes. It does not tarry or wait or take sides but protects and keeps. Does it?  

  2. News & Articles : 2018 CROP Walk

    We challenge all of Westminster to be involved in the fight against hunger by participating in the CROP Walk, an 8-kilometer walk and symbolic journey that is the typical daily trek for thousands in developing countries to gather fresh water. Last year, we raised $12,412 and our goal this year is $15,000!

    Sign-ups for walkers will be available after worship soon OR you can sign up, sponsor a walker, or make your donations on the Westminster Presbyterian Church Team page. CROP Walk takes place on Sunday, March 25, at 2:30pm. The walk begins at Duke Chapel. Learn more about the Durham CROP Walk.

    Please mark your calendars and join us, whether as a walker or sponsor. Together we can change the world, one step at a time. Contact: Neil McElroy.

  3. Online Worship Services : Always Another Climb

    Exodus 34:29-35
    Mark 2:2-9

    Preached by Rev. Bob Dunham

    The odd story Jeremy just read about the transfiguration of Jesus presents readers of Mark’s Gospel with a pause in the action so that Mark can offer a foretaste of what is coming. Mark sets this narrative just after Peter’s declaration that Jesus is the Messiah and just prior to Jesus’ turn toward Jerusalem and all that will happen to him there. In its liturgical setting, this Transfiguration Sunday is also a pause in the action, well-positioned at the end of the season of Epiphany and just before the shift in focus that will begin this Wednesday, when we impose ashes to set our faces to the Lenten journey. And here today, gathering with Westminster’s faithful remnant while a bunch of our fellow congregants are up cavorting in the mountains around Montreat this weekend, it seemed to me a good time to revisit this story of the original “mountaintop experience.”

  4. News & Articles : Why a Capital Campaign?

    From the Sharing Our Mission given by Campaign Co-Chair John Graham in worship on Sunday, February 4:

    Why a Capital Campaign?

    Over the past five years, our church has developed a strategic plan for the future. The three pillars of the plan’s vision align with our long-standing call in Micah 6:8 –

    • to Do Justice, that is, our mission work,
    • to Love Kindness in the ways we care for each other, and
    • to Walk Humbly with our God as we cultivate discipleship and a deeper spiritual life

    Several committees have studied whether Westminster’s facilities are adequate to fulfill this vision, and sought feedback from the congregation. A near-unanimous consensus emerged that a significant renovation of Fellowship Hall is needed to serve Westminster’s internal needs, to enable us to best serve others, and to prepare for the future. So, we are conducting a capital campaign to fulfill our church’s vision and purpose.

  5. Monthly Newsletter : February 7, 2018

    February 7, 2018 Newsletter

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