Adults of all ages are cordially invited to evenings of dinner, fun, and fellowship in the homes of fellow WPC members. As the name suggests, Pop-up Supper Clubs are short-term, randomly-assigned groups of 12-16 people who will meet 3 or 4 times during 2018. These gatherings are usually hosted in members’ homes (although the group may decide otherwise) and members take turns hosting or co-hosting.

The short-term nature of these supper clubs gives folks the chance to meet and share a meal with people they may not already know, and be part of a tradition that has nurtured many friendships over the years. The first of the 2018 Pop-up Supper Club events will be scheduled for January, then meet at least three more times during the year, with each group’s members taking turns hosting or co-hosting.

If you are interested in participating, sign up by Thursday, November 30. Groups will be formed in December and the first dinner will be in January.

Contacts: Jennifer Feiler (, Katie Donoway (