Monthly Archives: December, 2017

  1. Sermons : Some People See Him

    Isaiah 52:7-10
    Matthew 2:13-23

    “Some children see him lily white, the baby Jesus born this night,” says a lovely song penned by jazz musician Albert Burt in the early 1950’s. “Some children see him bronzed and brown, the Lord of heav’n to earth come down…Some children see him almond-eyed, with skin of yellow hue…Some children seem him dark as they, Sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray. Some children see him dark as they, and ah, they love him too.”

  2. Sermons : Walking in the Light

    Isaiah 9:1-7
    Luke 2:1-20

    Receive this blessing:

    Blessed are you
    who bear the light
    in unbearable times,
    who testify
    to its endurance
    amid the unendurable,
    who bear witness
    to its persistence
    when everything seems
    in shadow
    and grief.

  3. Sermons : An Upside-Down Christmas for An Upside-Down God

    Isaiah 11:1-10
    Luke 1:39-56

    The season has crept up on me this year. I think I let my guard down, with Thanksgiving so early, the unseasonably warm weather early on. Because the fourth Sunday of Advent, next Sunday, is also Christmas Eve, we backed up the church calendar with the peak of activity being last Sunday with the choir’s extraordinary music then the pageant and pot-luck in the evening. It was a busy and full and wonderful day, thanks to so many of you. Thankfully, none of the day resembled the experience in a video one of you sent me this week of a pageant in east Tennessee. You might have seen it. A dear children’s choir is singing ‘Away in a Manger’, the camera focused on the manger, with Mary and Joseph and 4 other children – an angel (they have something like a halo), and 3 who I think are “sheep.” As the choir sings one of the sheep gets bored, toddles over, and this girl – my guess is she’s 5, picks up old, white doll baby Jesus and sits him on her hip and begins to walk around. Mary is NOT pleased, and snatches Jesus back, sticking him back in the manger with force. The scene repeats, the eager sheep yearning to hold the baby close, Mary trying to wrestle the Christ child back, the video ends with Mary holding the sheep (who is still holding the baby tight) in something like a headlock, a nearby parent finally rushing in.[1] It is difficult sometimes to get ready, the crush and stress of the season pressing upon us. It can be difficult, and complicated, to get ready.

  4. News : December 2017 Worship Schedule Changes

    We will have only ONE morning worship service at 11am on Sundays, December 24 and December 31. If you are a regular attendee of the 8:30am service, mark this change on your calendar.

    Please also note that Church School will not be held on December 24 and December 31. Godly Play will take place on December 24, but not December 31. The nursery will be available on both Sundays.

    The choir, open to anyone age 12 and up who would like to sing on December 31, will rehearse at 10am in the Music Room.

  5. News : 2018 Elective Term 4: Countering Pharaoh

    Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today

    Sundays, January 7 – February 11
    9:45-10:45am in Room 204
    Facilitator: Chris Tuttle

    This 6-week elective confronts participants with the comparison of the enslavement of the Hebrew people in Egypt to the enslavement of Americans struggling with the unending demands of the consumer society that defines us.

    A tour-de-force with preacher-professor-prophet Walter Brueggemann, Countering Pharaoh brings insights to the story of the Exodus that transforms it into a demanding call on the lives of 21st century people of faith. “It is a journey from slavery to covenant that we keep making over and over again… [because] Pharaoh has immense power always to draw us back into slavery,” says Brueggemann.

    WARNING: This program may be hazardous to your church, society, and the American way of life, and could potentially help restore the meaning of covenant.