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  1. Bulletins & Sunday Announcements : September 2017

    September 3, 2017 Bulletin
    September 10, 2017 Bulletin
    September 17, 2017 Bulletin
    September 24, 2017 Bulletin

  2. Sermons : Building the Church

    Psalm 124
    Matthew 16:13-20
    Romans 12:1-8

    We depart from our Old Testament series this morning because it is a very special day in the life of this church, the day when we ordain and install new officers for our Session and Diaconate, and the Gospel lesson for today fits this occasion so well. These new officers have been in classes all summer, they have served a shelter meal, they have gotten to know each other and Chris and Taylor and me as they prepare to be leaders for you in the next few years. Some of them may come with confidence, but many come wondering why they were called, yet all are ready to serve.

  3. News : 2017 Fall Women’s Retreat


    Saturday, October 7, from 9am-3pm
    Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
    Cost: $35
    Led by Rev. Carrie Rhoads Tuttle

    In the busy world in which we live, our friendships often take a backseat to the many other parts of our lives that demand our attention. However, friendships are a crucial part of our lives, particularly our spiritual lives.

    We’ll ask ourselves: What is a spiritual friendship? Why do I need nurturing friendships in my life?

    Childcare for age 10 and under is available by request for $10 per child. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please bring a journal, a pen, and your Bible.

    Register and pay online or complete and return the form with payment by Monday, October 2.

  4. Sermons : It Was God

    Psalm 133
    Genesis 45:1-15

    After selling their brother Joseph into slavery, I am pretty sure they assumed they would never see him again. They had thrown him in a pit to die, sold for twenty pieces of silver. He calls them closer: “I am your brother…” and he pauses for what must have felt like forever. Then he says it: DO not be upset or angry over what you did to me. For – Joseph theologically interprets his whole story – God sent me before you to preserve life. Joseph has a really high sense of God’s providence. There has been a famine that will last five more years, he says, and God had you sell me into slavery in order to get me here, to keep the people, to keep the promise, alive. You didn’t send me here, as much as you think you did. It was God.

  5. News : Rally Day 2017

    Sunday, September 10
    9:45am, Fellowship Hall

    Children and youth are invited to come meet their Church School teachers while parents confirm their kids’ info on the class rosters. Breakfast snacks and beverages will be provided.

    At about 10:10am, children and youth will go to their classrooms with teachers. Adults will stay to hear about the upcoming adult Christian Education opportunities. If you have never been part of a Church School class or short-term elective, come learn more about these wonderful offerings and meet the people who will be leading them.