Once again we invite you to join the Haiti Mission Team in its ongoing support of Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM). We recently shared ways to help with dress-making, over-the-counter medicine donations, and by volunteering to go on one of our fall or spring mission trips.

We are in great need of t-shirts, jeans, and shorts for boys age 4-11 and Crocs or flip-flops for all ages and genders. Please bring these donations to the green collection bin in the Mission Center.

We have one more way that you can help the wonderful people of Haiti: You can sponsor a child. Since Haiti Outreach Ministries began building classrooms and helping the children of Haiti, many have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, and educators, and make a difference in the world. We want to help future generations continue to do so.

You can directly sponsor a child or donate to the funds that help HOM build and outfit classrooms. Brochures with complete information can be found in the Holderness Mission Center. Contact Pat Gunter with questions (pgunter@alumni.unc.edu).

If you are already sponsoring a child, and would like to send something along to your child during the team’s September trip, we would love to help you! For ideas on what to send, or information on how to send it, again, contact Pat Gunter.

We are continuing to make pillowcase dresses. There is a workroom for dresses set up in Room 203, dresses need to be completed by September 15. Contact: Helen Harrison (helen.harrison@alumni.duke.edu).

Details about how to donate over-the-counter medicines will be available in the next newsletter. Contact: Kay Wellemeyer (kay.wellmeyer@gmail.com).