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  1. Newsletters : November 30, 2016

    November 30, 2016 Newsletter

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    Concerns & Celebrations, Christmas Eve Offering, Session Notes, One Day a Month to Help Our Neighbors, Adult Church School Classes, Guests from the Divan Center to Visit Advent Serving and Learning Class this Sunday, In the Library, Wednesday Advent Study, Lovefeast, WOW: First Wednesdays, Advent Lessons & Carols Program, Christmas Pageant Potluck, Blue Christmas Service, Christmas Caroling, Welcome, New Members!, WPC Men’s Basketball, Honor a Loved One this Season, Year-End Contribution Guidelines, Youth Ministry News, Sign Up for Wednesday Dinner, Church Finance Overview, Westminster School for Children, Preaching Schedule, Worship Volunteers

  2. News : One Day a Month to Help Our Neighbors

    The Disaster Relief Subcommittee of the Global Missions Committee is looking for volunteers to give one day a month to help Tarboro and Princeville recover from Hurricane Matthew. The first trip is Friday, December 16. We will begin a regular schedule of trips after the first of the year.

    Teams of volunteers will leave Durham at 7am and drive to Tarboro/Princeville. Teams are assigned to specific tasks for the day – removing drywall, mucking out houses, removing linoleum, carting out damaged furniture, getting homes cleared out so that eventually rebuilding can take place. Teams return home the same evening. (Full details available here.)

    If you would like to join us on December 16, contact Dorene Palermo (, Eileen McAvoy (, or Dottie Bartholomay ( by Saturday, December 10. Participants will need to complete the forms below and return them to the church office by Wednesdays  December 14:

    Additional information:

  3. Sermons : Seeing a Word

    Matthew 24:36-44
    Isaiah 2:1-5

    The word Isaiah sees is even more powerful because of what comes before. Flipping open to your pew Bibles might help, because I found it really striking this week. Isaiah, first among the prophets, announces what God has shown him concerning Judah and Jerusalem – this is chapter 1, verse 1 – in the days of four kings, situating himself between 742 and 701 BCE. At the beginning of the prophet’s 40-year career, the northern kingdom, Israel, aligned with Syria, invades Judah, the southern kingdom, the prophet’s home. The people were caught between invaders to the north, and the mighty Assyrian Empire that controlled the rest of the region. Threats loomed all around, and they were afraid.1

    But the prophet’s words do not bring comfort. God is angry.

  4. Sermons : Pointing to Christ

    Jeremiah 23:1-6
    Luke 1:68-79

    This is the first Zechariah had spoken in months.

    Luke takes more time than the other gospel writers to walk us into the story. Matthew gives us a genealogy, but Jesus is born by verse eighteen. Mark starts with Jesus’ baptism, as does John in a slightly different way. Luke begins, after a brief dedication, by introducing us to this priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly order of Abijah, in the line of Aaron, set up by the great King David . His wife, Luke tells us, was a descendant of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth. They seem like nice enough folks, until Luke shows his cards in verse 7, “But they had no children, because Elizabeth was barren, and both were getting on in years.”

  5. News : Pledges: Giving In Faith

    Pledges represent 82% of the church’s operating budget and are essential to Westminster’s response to God’s call in Micah 6:8: doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly in our congregation, community, and beyond.

    Paying Your Pledge for 2016

    As you prayerfully consider end-of-year gifts, know that your consistent support is vital for ministry here at Westminster and throughout Durham. Use these instructions to check your pledge balance and make a one-time payment toward your pledge in myWPC:

    Making Your Pledge for 2017

    If you haven’t yet made a pledge to the 2017 operating budget, please consider doing so online. Paper copies of the pledge card are available at the front desk of the Mission Center or can be printed here. Please return pledge cards to Office Manager Elizabeth Takla’s office (108). Please contact Elizabeth Takla with questions about paying your 2016 pledge or making your 2017 pledge.