Monthly Archives: October, 2016

  1. News : Share Your Christmas 2016

    WPC is again participating in the Volunteer Center of Durham’s Share Your Christmas program by providing gifts to disadvantaged families and individuals who are elderly or disabled.

    • Sign-up tables with names of individuals you can sponsor are available in the Mission Center now and will be in the Courtyard after worship beginning Sunday, November 6.
    • Recommended spending for each individual is $50 minimum.
    • Wrapped gifts should be returned to the Mission Center lobby by Sunday, December 4.

  2. News : Alternative Gift Fair 2016

    Mark your calendar for the Alternative Gift Fair with One World Market. It will take place in the Fellowship Hall after both worship services on Sunday, November 6. Come get your holiday shopping done early!

    The items available to purchase will benefit craftspeople around the world as well as the local nonprofits listed below. See what specific things you can donate toward for these organizations in the Alternative Gift Fair brochure.

  3. Sermons : Embracing the Other

    Habakkuk 1:1-5, 2:1-4
    Luke 19:1-10

    We have been talking about “the other” a lot lately. Will Willimon was here earlier in the month to talk with us about his book, “Fear of the Other.” “The other” is defined as “one who does not belong; one who is different or distinct in some fundamental way.” “The other” is not usually a positive term, but rather denotes one who is outcast, considered outside “the norm,” even one who can be seen as less worthy, less intelligent, less moral, perhaps even sub-human in a sense. People spurn the Other, make fun of the Other, avoid the Other. There has unfortunately been a lot of categorizing people as “others” in our current political scene. It has been ugly on all sides.

  4. Mission Trip Blog : Day 7: On the Road to Jacmel

    Blog post written by Dorene Palermo.

    I am writing this today because we had no internet access in our hotel in Jacmel last night. Sort of like camping in the Adirondacks, but in a hotel room. We had a late start today, leaving Port au Prince around 9am. We checked out of our rooms and stored our luggage in one room at the hotel – only 17 bags now instead of the 27 we arrived with! We carried our overnight things in our backpacks. Neal stayed in Port au Prince and went safely back to RDU. The rest of us climbed into the van for a very challenging road trip.

    We began with a brief drive through downtown Port au Prince. As we crept along in the chaotic traffic we observed enormous contrasts. There was a huge, new white columned building belonging to the Jordanian government, the ruins of a Cathedral destroyed in the earthquake, the ornate round stained glass windows standing empty against the sky; rubble of government buildings, a new modern museum, and one or two famous statues in parks in the city center.

  5. News : Open Prayer on Election Day

    This election season is full of strong opinions and strident language that get at the heart of what matters to us as citizens and as Christians. It has taken a toll on us as individuals, as neighbors, and as a nation. To that end, your pastors believe it is important that the church be a space where we confess our complicity in this season of division, and pray that God might call us all to follow, serve, and welcome each other.

    On November 8, Election Day, the Sanctuary will be open from 7:30-9:30am, and 12-1pm. Readings will be available, and you are invited to come, sit in silence, and pray. At the half hour, one of the pastors will lead a short time of prayer for those who are present.