Monthly Archives: June, 2016

  1. Sermons : Youth Sunday

    Psalm 46
    Matthew 25:34-40

    Five WPC youth reflect on their week serving Durham during the Youth Mission Stay.

    Over the past week, instead of going somewhere else for our mission trip, we decided to stay here in Durham to help our whole community. Today, I will talk a little bit about Housing for New Hope. “Established in 1992, Housing for New Hope is a non-profit organization serving the needs of people who are homeless and those at risk of homelessness in the Triangle. The mission of Housing for New Hope is to prevent and end homelessness by providing increased access to housing, services, and healthcare.”

  2. Bulletins & Sunday Announcements : June 26, 2016

    June 26, 2016 Bulletin 

  3. Sermons : Calming the Storm

    Psalm 42
    Luke 8:19-25

    The story of Jesus calming the sea was my daughter’s favorite story when she was young. That is probably true for many children. Storms can be scary things, with hard rain, or even hail that can cause damage, and winds, if they become strong enough, that can rip apart trees, sometimes even buildings. Like the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” it seems that storms at sea are even scarier, because there is no safe land on which to hide. One is at the mercy of the waters. For a child, the story of Jesus calming the storm is very comforting.

  4. News : Wheels4Hope Car Blessing on June 22

    As part of the Youth Mission Stay, Westminster will host a Wheels4Hope car blessing on Wednesday, June 22, at 5pm in the Courtyard. Wheels4Hope provides affordable, reliable transportation to economically challenged families and individuals. All are invited to come celebrate and support the Wheels4Hope recipient!

    See photos from a past car blessing. 

  5. News : Haiti Online Yard Sale

    Haiti Online Yard SaleSelling begins on Monday, June 20
    Donations being accepted now*

    *No clothes, food, or books, please. Make it something worth a drive to Westminster to buy.

    Everyone can find a way to help raise money for Haiti:

    • Donate something you need to part with
    • Volunteer to help receive/set up donations or to meet the buyer and make the sale (see below)
    • Buy something from the yard sale
    • Tell your friends and neighbors!

    Search for "wpc-haiti" on and see what items are available or go directly to Westminster’s items on craigslist.

    The Haiti Online Yard Sale is a great way to furnish your home, pick up bargains, and help a wonderful cause – supporting Westminster’s medical and construction mission teams to Haiti.

    We will have 2-hour regularly scheduled time slots (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between June 21 and July 16) to meet buyers and receive donations. There will always be two volunteers working together, one from the Haiti Mission Team. If you would like to volunteer, contact Dorene Palermo (919-620-0156;