Monthly Archives: May, 2016

  1. Sermons : What It Means to Have Faith

    Psalm 96:1-4, 10-13
    Luke 7:1-10

    Imagine yourself as part of this biblical story. This man Jesus had been to Capernaum before, and had healed people. Still, there were other healers wandering the countryside. You heard parts of a great, long sermon that he preached, talking about blessings, about loving one’s enemies, and not judging others, lest you be judged. He said to build your house and your faith on God, and to not just hear his words, but to live them out in your lives. You walked with the crowd as he entered the city again, and you saw some Jewish elders approach Jesus. You gasped a little as you heard them say that a Roman centurion, someone working for the government that was suppressing everyone you knew and loved, wanted Jesus to come and heal his slave. Still, they did say he was good to the Jewish community (Remember that you and Jesus were both Jewish), that he had helped them build the sanctuary. But, still, he was not of the faith, and he worked for the oppressors. You wondered what Jesus would do, and when he began to go with them, you followed at a distance, just to see what would happen. But as Jesus got nearer to the big house, some more folks came out to him and told Jesus that the centurion said for him not to come in, that he was not worthy of having Jesus in his house. Thank goodness, you thought, because that was true. Jesus would make himself ritually unclean by going into this Gentile dwelling. What a relief, you sighed, this is over. Yet, the words continued to be relayed from this centurion, talking to Jesus about his authority, and about Jesus’ own authority. It was obvious that the man respected and revered Jesus, that he knew Jesus had authority greater than his own, even though he had a lot of authority, and that he knew Jesus’ authority came from God. It was obvious too that he cared for the slave who was so ill, that he “valued” him beyond the fact that he was his property, that perhaps he even regarded him as a friend, and he wanted him to be healed. This was astounding. But the most amazing thing that was relayed was that this centurion knew Jesus could heal simply by his word. And you watched in amazement as some ran back to the house, and found the slave healed and well. Jesus talked then about how amazed he was at the faith of this man, and even said that the faith of this Roman, an outsider, an oppressor, was greater than all the Jewish community. You stood in shock, and after Jesus walked away, so did you, but you wondered just what happened, and what it meant – for you and for your faith community. 

  2. Bulletins & Sunday Announcements : May 29, 2016

    May 29, 2016 Bulletin 

  3. News : Congregational Care Volunteers

    The Congregational Care Committee is seeking members who are interested in being part of a visitation team that would assist Associate Pastor Betty Berghaus by visiting other members on a monthly basis who are unable to get to church.

    We are also thinking about forming a new parent support team that would provide assistance to our members with new babies. If you would like to be part of either of these ministries please contact Suzanne Graham (

  4. News : Summer Kick-Off Potluck

    Summer Kick-off PotluckJoin us in the Courtyard for a potluck after the 10 am worship service on Sunday, June 5. We’ll kick off the summer with food and fellowship. Folks with last names beginning with:

    • A-F, please bring side dishes
    • G-L, desserts
    • M-Z, main dishes

    In case of rain, we’ll gather in the Fellowship Hall. See you there!

  5. News : Facilities & Grounds Committee

    There will be an open meeting of the Facilities & Grounds Committee at noon on Tuesday, May 31, in Room 105. Please come and join if you would be willing to serve on this committee.