The Sandwich Generation: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 
Sundays, February 15- March 29
Various Facilitators
9:45-10:45am in the Parlor

The term "sandwich generation" was coined in 1981 and originally referred to younger women in their thirties and forties who were taking care of their children, as well as the needs of their parents, employers, friends, and so on.

Now that people are living longer and children are growing up and needing continued care, the "sandwiching" is felt by both men and women who represent a wide demographic of ages. This Church School elective will explore and provide support for this generation of adults.

Week 1: Introduction What does it mean to be in "the sandwich generation"? What are the challenges?

Week 2: The Practical Aspects of Care This will be a panel discussion led by caregivers for aging parents, adult children needing care, and children with special needs.

Week 3: Paying the Bills The financial aspects of care giving.

Week 4: Caring for the Caregiver (Part 1) Self-care and maintaining the integrity of primary relationships (marriage, partnership, careers).

Week 5: Caring for the Caregiver (Part 2) Decision-making and prioritizing; issues of guilt, depression, anger, time management.

Week 6: Putting It All Together What we’ve learned and resources for moving forward.