Making Sense of EvolutionMaking Sense of Evolution
September 20-October 11
9:45-10:45am, Location: TBA

Evolution makes good scientific sense. The question is whether it makes good theological sense as well. Some Christians who find evolution contrary to faith focus solely on the issues of the world’s design, but that point of view overlooks the significance of the dramatic narrative going on beneath the surface.

In "Making Sense of Evolution," John F. Haught, former chair of the department of theology at Georgetown, suggests that theologians and Darwinian scientists actually share an appreciation of the underlying meaning and awe-inspiring mystery of evolution.

If you have ever had conflicted feelings about reconciling evolution and the Bible’s creation stories, or simply want to explore your faith in a scientific context, this class is for you. James Bear, PhD, Associate Professor of Cancer Cell Biology at UNC, and Thomas Bowen, a clinical research specialist at Duke, will facilitate this four-week study.