1. Sermons : How to Be Holy

    Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18
    Matthew 5:38-48

    “How to Be Holy,” I titled the sermon, in case that might draw a larger crowd. I mean, I know you are all yearning to be holier. No, I guess it is not really very high on the list of things we desire. And if you looked at the Scriptures for the day, I bet you were not just clamoring for a sermon on Leviticus either. It is not a biblical book to which we are drawn. Yet holiness is really what religion is all about. It is the mark of the divine Being we worship every Sunday. And it is the desire of that divine Being for us to also be holy. We may not realize it, but maybe we are here week after week because we want to be holy.

  2. News : 2017 CROP Walk

    We challenge all of Westminster to be involved in the fight against hunger by participating in the CROP Walk, an 8-kilometer walk and symbolic journey that is the typical daily trek for thousands in developing countries to gather fresh water. Sign-ups for walkers will be available after worship soon OR you can sign up, sponsor a walker, or make your donations on the Westminster Presbyterian Church Team page. CROP Walk takes place on Sunday, April 2, at 2:30pm. The walk begins at Duke Chapel. Learn more about the Durham CROP Walk.

    Please mark your calendars and join us, whether as a walker or sponsor. Together we can change the world, one step at a time. Contact: Geoff Vaughn.


  3. News : New Supper Clubs Forming

    Interested in getting to know more people at Westminster? Consider joining a Supper Club! The Fellowship Committee is organizing new groups now. If you are interested in joining, email Rebecca Joyner by February 22.

  4. News : Dementia Elective

    The Adult Christian Education Committee is developing a 4-week adult Church School elective around the issues of dementia. Are you interested in helping? If so, contact Heather Ferguson.

  5. News : Families Moving Forward: February 2017

    Westminster provides dinner, dinner hosts, and childcare on Monday and Tuesday nights during our volunteer week with Families Moving Forward. Parents attend house meetings and receive life skills training, while volunteers watch the children after dinner. Volunteers are needed for:

    Monday, February 27:

    • 2 dinner hosts to eat with the families and help clean up (5:30-6:30pm)
    • 3 childcare volunteers for after dinner (6:30-8pm)

    Tuesday, February 28:

    • 3 volunteers to cook dinner for up to 20 people
    • 3 dinner hosts to eat with the families (5:30-6:30pm)
    • 4 childcare volunteers for after dinner (6:30-8pm)

    Childcare volunteers (18+) need to complete child protection training and background checks. If you have completed Westminster’s Child & Youth Protection Policy Training in person, that qualifies.

    Learn more and sign up to volunteer in myWPC. Contact: Louise Holland.