1. Mission Trip Blog : June 20: Day 2

    Hello WPC I am Ben Chesser, one of the youth on the Atlanta mission trip. Today all of the youth were together the whole time. We got up at 7 and were on the road at 7:30. We arrived at a farm and immediately got to work. My group helped spread gravel into holes at their parking lot, and then helped pull weeds. That lasted for 4 hours. Then we left to go to Medshare, which is an organization that sends medical supplies to people who need it. That was a lot of fun. Overall our second day was also a great success.

  2. Mission Trip Blog : June 19: Day 1

    Hello WPC I am Shelby Page one of the Youth on the Atlanta mission trip. Today we split the group in half to go to our work cites. Half of the group went to a homeless agency where we fed women and children. We also got to interact with the people and learn about them. The other half went to a nursing home where they played games. They also hung out with the elderly living there. We then altogether went to the MLK center and Ebenezer church. Overall our first day was a success.

    – Shelby Page

    A video update:

  3. Mission Trip Blog : June 18: Orientation

    Today we rode to Atlanta in our minivans and blasted horrible music for 8 hours straight. When we got here, we parked and brought all our stuff in and got settled on our mattresses. We then did an orientation, which consisted of stories from the leader Chad, an observatory walk around the block, and an overview of rules. After orientation we had free time, and most people just played cards. We had debriefing time with our group, we are now playing hand games with the other church group that is staying with us.

    Lauren Nichols

  4. Sermons : Can God Be Trusted?

    Genesis 18:1-15
    Genesis 21:1-7

    Twenty-four years. That’s how long Abraham and Sarah had been waiting.

    After the grand stories in chapters 1-11, from creation to Noah and the flood, the camera focuses in. In chapter 12, God speaks to Abram and offers a promise, a promise that grounds almost everything to come after. The promise was undeserved – in the stories to come Abram proves himself every bit as conniving and unsure as we are. Genesis 12:1-4 is the first articulation of this promise. GO, God says, from your country and your neighbor and your father’s house to a land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation and bless you – and here’s a line that is key, “so that you will be a blessing.” In you ALL the families of the earth shall be blessed.

  5. News : Congregational Meetings: June 25 & July 2

    Congregational meetings have been called for June 25 and July 2 so that the Nominating Committee may present the final candidate for the new class of deacons. The candidate, Jim Young, will be presented twice; at both meetings, nominations may be made from the floor. The vote to approve the nominee as an officer-elect will be held on July 2. See the July 5 newsletter for a bio on nominee Jim Young.