Westminster on Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Westminster are a time for fellowship, service, learning, collaboration, and fun!

Every Wednesday:

  • we•form kids (for K-5th graders) meets from 5-6pm.
  • Wednesday Dinner is available from 5:45-6:45pm. Please sign up for dinner to help our food trucks (here on First Wednesdays) and meal teams prepare each week.

First Wednesday: WOW: First Wednesdays (for all ages) meets from 6:30-7:30pm, with food trucks at 5:45pm.

Second Wednesday: Committees meet with dinner between to increase fellowship and collaboration across our leadership.

  • Committees meeting at 5:30pm: Ways & Means, Assimilation, Youth Council.
  • Committees meeting at 7pm: Stewardship, Children & Youth Christian Education, Fellowship, Local Missions, Global Missions.

Third Wednesday: Aperture: Third Wednesdays (for adults) meets from 6:30-8pm, with dinner at 5:45pm.

Fourth Wednesday: Committees meet with dinner between.

  • Committees meeting at 5:30pm: those that need to reschedule from Second Wednesday.
  • Committees meeting at 7pm: Personnel, Worship, Adult Christian Education, Facilities & Grounds.