The Session is the main governing body in the Presbyterian Church, entirely responsible for worship, programs, finances, and facilities. But, more importantly, they work in partnership with the staff to discern the guiding vision of this place and to provide spiritual leadership as we seek to follow Christ together.

Each year four elders are elected to three-year terms, and one youth elder may also be elected to a one-year term, for a total of thirteen rotating leaders. They provide leadership on the following: Christian Education Committee, Inquirers’ Classes, Nominating Committee, Personnel Committee, Stewardship Committee, Ways & Means Commission, Worship Committee.

Moderator – Chris Tuttle
Clerk – Sally Keener
Associate Pastors – Betty Berghaus and Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman

Class of 2018: Mike Bunch, Holly Cullen, Connor Garcia, Cindy Soloe, and Jeremy Trantham

Class of 2019: Luke Bumm, Bill Coppridge, Bonnie Derr, and Quinn McFall

Class of 2020: Helen Harrison, Carol Mansfield, Bill Pogue, and Dave Pottenger