Deacons find their roots in scripture in Acts 6, in which the first disciples empower a separate group of leaders to serve in areas of service and fellowship (Greek for servant/service is diakonia). They largely guide our mission life, as well as the ways we care for each other.

Each year seven deacons are elected to three-year terms, for a total of twenty-one rotating leaders. They guide the work of the following committees: Assimilation, Congregational Care, Fellowship, Global Missions, and Local Missions.

Moderator – Sara Wylie
Co-Moderator – Forrest Perry
Clerk – Suzanne Graham

Class of 2017: John Caccavale, Carolyn Davidson, Suzanne Graham, Alex High, Louise Holland, Kirk Mangum, Geoff Vaughn, and Sara Wylie

Class of 2018: Katie Donoway, Don Hertzog, Diane Kelly, Rachel Meyen, Lee Murphy, Page Page, and Forrest Perry

Class of 2019: Beth Day, Bo Ferguson, Chris Kelley, Jon Owensby, Lori Rosemond, Katherine Stanley, and Jim Walker