Meditating on Our Differences: A Lenten Practice
Sundays, February 14 – March 20
9:45-10:45am in Room 204
Led by Chris Tuttle

As the world becomes smaller and our communities increasingly diverse, issues of difference are becoming more and more important. Political rhetoric quickly demonizes those of other faiths and those from other countries. In a world in which so much is changing, it is easy to be anxious.

Jesus was often encountering people different from himself – different genders and nationalities, different abilities and social positions. What can we learn from how Jesus responded to people? What can Jesus teach us about who God is, and who we are called to be?

Chris will lead a class exploring the texts we will focus on in worship throughout Lent. After being tempted in the desert, Jesus heals a crippled woman and an injured man. Jesus tells a parable of a brother who gives away his inheritance and comes crawling back. Jesus meets a tax collector who has been enriching himself. Christ meets them all with a grace that changes them, that has the possibility to transform all of our relationships.